Friday, July 17, 2020

End of year message 🌈

To all my Nursery superstars and your amazing grown-ups,

I am writing this message to let you all know just how special you are and how lucky I feel to have been your first teacher. The times we shared I will never forget and although our year was cut short, you all made such an impact on me, not only as a teacher but as a person. You have taught me so many important lessons and I want to thank you all for this. We have been on such a journey - from sharing amazing learning in school, to having to share learning via emails, videos and photographs over the last few months. I just want you all to know that you are incredible and I know you will continue to be the best you can be as you transition into Reception.

Grown-ups, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for how wonderful you have been during the last few months. You have shown so much dedication in home-schooling your children and ensuring that they feel safe and secure whilst everything in the world seemed so scary!
I hope that you all have the BEST Summer ever and I cannot wait to see your smiling faces again in September!

Lots of love,
Miss Woods ❤

*You are all my ‘small things’

I have also added some lovely photographs and videos which have been sent to me this week – even in the last week of school, you have continued to amaze me!

Sophia’s kindness chart

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Superstar learners ⭐

Hi Nursery,

I can’t believe we only have one more week before the Summer holidays are upon us! I have really loved putting together videos of your super learning each week and this week was no exception. 
I cannot wait to put together a video all about kindness next week.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to both the children and parents who have sent in photographs and videos, whether that be weekly or on occasion – your emails have really brightened my weeks and to be able to have some contact with the children has been amazing!

Enjoy your last week of learning before the Summer, Nursery – you make me so proud!

Love, Miss Woods ❤

Friday, July 10, 2020

Week 17

Hi Nursery. It was so lovely to see all your photos and videos of your super learning last week. We are all so proud of how well you are learning at home but we can’t wait to be learning altogether again! This is our last week of school learning before the Summer holidays so keep up the good work for one more week.

Here we go with our final weeks learning!

You could begin your days by singing the ‘Days of the week’ song

You could also talk to your grown-ups about the weather and if you are feeling up to a super challenge – name the day that it was yesterday and the day it will be tomorrow!

You could also begin each of your phonic sessions with our ‘Jolly Jingles’ song or ‘Phonics Song 2’ on YouTube.

This week we want to celebrate just how kind you all are so we would like you to watch and listen to a story all about being kind so follow this link to see lots of kindness:

Now can you tell your adult what kind things you noticed in the story? Were there any unkind actions or words in the story?


With help from your adult, draw a kindness chart and then each day when you do something kind to help somebody else you can draw a picture of what you have done and label it. These could be things like:

·       helping your adult make a meal

·       tidying your room

·       making your bed

·       taking a gift to someone who might be feeling sad
We look forward to seeing all of your kind deeds as we know just how kind you all are.

Keep filling in your kindness chart. Today we would also like you to draw a picture of somebody doing something kind for you. This could be someone in your family who looks after you or even one of your friends who may have helped you if you have been hurt or sad. Label your picture with words to show how they made you feel.

Keep filling in your kindness chart. Using your picture from yesterday can you look at the words you wrote to show how you feel and use your phonic knowledge to write a list of kind words and feelings.

Fun Friday
This is our last fun Friday in Nursery before you become Tigers and Monkeys! So we would like you to make up an end of year dance to your favourite music. Or you could show us how musical you are by making up your own tune with either an instrument or something you can make noise with from around the house or even body percussion. We are looking forward to seeing some crazy dance moves and music so get creative. Don’t forget to take videos or photos to send in to us to cheer us all up seeing your happy smiley faces.

Dance and Music Festival

Hill Top needs your help!

Monday the 13th of July marks the beginning of our Trust Dance and Music Festival.

We know how talented you all are and we want to share that!

This will be our last week of Summer term and what better way to lift spirits than a good song and dance!

You can film yourself singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument at home. 
Then please email it to your year group email address.

Look out for your videos on Facebook throughout the week, so we can showcase all of our pupils' talents!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Week 16 - Learning challenges

Hello Nursery, we hope you have had another lovely week at home and have been keeping busy with playing and learning. We have some more fun activities for you to try at home, so let’s get learning!

Here are your challenges for this week:

You could begin your days by singing the ‘Days of the week’ song

You could also talk to your grown-ups about the weather and if you are feeling up to a super challenge – name the day that it was yesterday and the day it will be tomorrow!

You could also begin each of your phonic sessions with our ‘Jolly Jingles’ song or ‘Phonics Song 2’ on YouTube.

For the Maths sessions this week, Mr Bear and Jenie would like you to sing The Singing Walrus number song:


We hope you had some fun doing your doubles last week. This week we are going to explore sharing so today you can make yourself a sharing mat just like the one below. Make it as colourful as you like and make yourself some bright coloured counters using cardboard from a used food box such as a cereal box and colour them in your favourite colours.

Let’s make some silly soup. All you need is a bowl or pan and a spoon to stir your silly soup and then have a look around the house to find lots of silly things to put in your soup (the sillier, the better). Then sing our silly soup song to the tune of pop goes the weasel:

I’m making lots of silly soup
I’m making soup that’s silly
I’m going to cook it in the fridge,
To make it nice and chilly
In goes a …


Today you will need your sharing mat that you made yesterday. If you put 2 counters on your mat, how many will you have in the 2 smaller circles if you share them?

Now try again with 4 counters.

What is the biggest number you can share on your mat?

Your phonics challenge for today is to find as many things in your house and garden that begin with these initial sounds:
g, o, c, k.

When you have found at least 6 objects, cover them with a towel and ask your adult to take away 1 thing. Can you work out what is missing? Can you work out what is missing if your adult takes away 2 things?

Put more objects under your cloth to see if you can work out what is missing when it is a bit trickier with more objects to remember.


Sharing can be lots of fun so today have a think about what food you would like to share with someone in your house. It can be anything from fruit, sweets or some of your homemade baking. How can you share it fairly? How many do you have? How many does the other person have? How many are there altogether? Don't forget to take photos to email them to us so we can see what yummy treats you have been sharing.

We have a tricky challenge for phonics today. Your adult will need to write these graphemes on a piece of paper:


When your adult says the phoneme, draw a circle around it and then see what you can find in your house and garden that starts with that phoneme.

Can you can find each object in less than 20 seconds? Ask your adult to time you.


Using 2 of your teddy bears and 2 plates collect some items to share between them. You could use food or some of your small toys to pretend they are teddy bear food. Share the items fairly between your 2 teddy bears. How many do they have each? How many is there altogether?

What would happen if you had another teddy? Can you still share your items equally?

Using your photos from yesterday, choose 2 graphemes to practice forming. When you have done this, draw the item that you found yesterday that has the correct initial sound. Remember to use your letter formation sheet.

Fun Friday

As you have been sharing items with your teddy bears this week, why not have a real teddy bears picnic. You could help your adult to prepare the food and then share it out with the people in your house but don’t forget your teddy bears and have lots of fun!


Joe Wicks has posted lots of short workouts for children so why not try one of those this fun Friday? Click below for a fun 8-minute workout:

Enjoy your week Nursery. We are really looking forward to singing, learning and playing together again soon!

Superstar learners ⭐

Hi Nursery,

I have been very impressed yet again with all of the lovely photographs you have sent across this week. I have been blown away with your motivation and creativeness!

I have made another video for you to watch with lots of your own and your friends’ super learning – I hope you enjoy it!

Sending you all a BIIIIIIG air hug – I am missing you all so very much.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to hear from you again next week.


Miss Woods ❤

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NEW LINK - Virtual Sports Day


We apologise that the links didn't work 

yesterday. Click below to watch the videos 

and log your score 


Pupils, parents and teachers of Hill Top, enter the Trust Virtual Sports Competition 

and let’s make Hill Top victorious!

Join the competition and help Hill Top win against the other schools in the Trust!

Take a look at our video of the teachers practising their skills last week.